Ph.D. graduates and Postdocs:

Kai Zhou, Postdoc, 2018-2020. Research: Uncertainty qualtification of manufacturing processes.

Shilong Li, Ph.D., 2019. Dissertation: Energy flow regulation through built-up structures toward wave guiding and vibration damping.

Pei Cao, Ph.D., 2018. Dissertation: Data sampling and reasoning: harnessing optimization and machine learning for design and system identification.

Yuan Yuan, Ph.D., 2018. Dissertation: Advanced control design for optimal operation and maintenance of wind turbines.

Jiawen Xu, Ph.D., 2017. Dissertation: Piezoelectric structures with circuitry integration for wave guiding and energy manipulation.

David Yoo, Ph.D., 2017. Dissertation: Reliability-based design optimization with mixture of random and interval uncertainties.

Shengli Zhang, Ph.D., 2017. Dissertation: System-level identification and analysis of gear dynamics.

Qi Shuai, Ph.D., 2017. Dissertation: Modeling enhancement and intelligent inference of impedance-based structural health monitoring.

Edward ‘Ted’ Diehl, Ph.D., 2016. Dissertation: Predictive modeling of a two-stage gearbox towards fault detection.

Kai Zhou, Ph.D., 2015. Dissertation: Structural dynamic analysis with uncertainty: design and identification using intelligent inference.

Ji Zhao, Ph.D., 2012. Dissertation: Application of circuitry integration to vibratory response-based structural health monitoring with uncertainty.

Yi Lu, Ph.D., 2011. Dissertation: Towards autonomous and robust damage detection and health monitoring of mechanical systems.

Xin Wang, Ph.D., 2010. Dissertation: Impedance-based damage detection and identification – enhancements using circuitry effects.

Wei Dong, Postdoc, 2007-2009.  Research: Dual-stage actuation for precision engineering.

Xingjian Xue, Ph.D., 2007.  Dissertation: Fuel cells: system-level modeling and component-level control studies.

Xingjie Fang, Ph.D., 2007.  Dissertation: A comprehensive investigation of granular damping.

M.S. graduates (thesis option):

Christian Schirmer, M.S., 2021. Thesis: Automated inspection of airfoils enabled by deep learning.

Yixin Yao, M.S., 2020.  Thesis: Piezoelectric wave propagation: fault detection and wave guiding.

Matthew Cremins, M.S., 2014.  Thesis: Fault detection in railway track using piezoelectric impedance.

Zeping Xia, M.S., 2012.  Thesis: The efficient characterization of dynamic response of structure with uncertainties: from order-reduced simulation to data-driven emulation.

Dong Yang, M.S., 2009.  Thesis: Piezoelectric networks for simultaneous vibration suppression and delocalization of nearly periodic structures.

Prasad Raju Pathapati, M.S., 2004.  Thesis: System level dynamic modeling of PEM fuel cells.